Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whitewater Rafting

Last weekend my parents, Jo & Walt, flew down to Charlotte to see our new place and check out the area. My Mom and I were both researching the area to see if there were any interesting things we all could go check out together. In addition to several museums and the NASCAR Hall of Fame (no thank you), we discovered that the US National Whitewater Center is just 15 minutes from our house! My parents completely shocked Chris and I when they said they wanted to go - rafting. "Way back when" they used to go on lots of whitewater rafting trips when they were younger and were interested in giving it another try.

I have to admit I was very skeptical when my highly risk-adverse mom said she wanted to take on class four rapids. Turns out I was more of a Nervous Nelly when it came to it!!!!!

The US National Whitewater Rafting Center is an enormous outdoor recreation center that not only has rafting but has kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. The USNWRC is also the official Olympic training site for whitewater slalom racing.This fall their "mega zip" zip line is promised to be open (sounds cool).

Below you can't even see Chris and I, as we are completely submerged under a class 4 rapid at the front of the boat.

This place totally had our friend "Steve" written all over it. I also can see lots of our other friends enjoying this place when they come to visit! If my Mom can whitewater raft, you can too! (Awesome job Mom :)

It was a perfect way to do something adventurous over the weekend, we ended up having a blast & can't wait to go back again!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That place sounds awesome! You are right. Steve would surely love it. I'm hopeful we can visit you next June (my first cousin is getting married in the Outer Banks and I would love to do Tour de NC to visit you as well as Stephanie and Vijay). Keep writing! It's fun to learn about what you and Chris are up to!

  2. Great pictures. the view is really fantastic! ^_^.. i want to ride that raft too ^_^. by the way thanks for letting us view your blog.