Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vanilla Strawberry Pancakes

Things that I love:

my handsome husband
goooey grilled cheeses 
goldendoodle puppies
long flowy maxi dresses
live music
warm weather
foreign countries
salty snacks
traveling the world, with my hubby, in a long flowy maxi dress :)
my family and my other family - my girlfriends
the first cup of coffee of the day
fireplace fires
champagne toasts (or prosecco, my favorite of lately)
all things mini - whisks, baking pans, espresso cups, etc... I am such a sucker for these!

And these moist and fluffy Vanilla Strawberry Pancakes.  I made these for my Valentine this morning...  He loved it!  What are you making for yours?


1 cup of white whole wheat flour
1 cup of skim milk
1 egg
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp organic vanilla extract
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp table salt
2 tbsp brown sugar
3/4 cup slice strawberries


In a large bowl mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.  Add the wet ingredients, the milk, egg, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract.  Fold in strawberries.  Heat a saute pan or griddle to medium high heat.  In batches, add pancake batter to pan and let cook for 3-5 minutes or until batter bubbles.  Flip over for another 2-3 minutes.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar and fresh strawberries.  Happy Valentines Day!  Hope your day is full of love and laughter! Xoxo

Tip: Use a 1/4 measuring cup to create the perfect sized pancakes


  1. I would love that healthy pancake recipe!

  2. I love pancakes for breakfast. I've been looking for some new recipes. I had no idea there was such a thing as white whole wheat flour before reading this post. I can't wait to try these

  3. I love pancakes for breakfast too! White whole wheat flour is great, I really like King Arthur's. It is much milder than whole wheat flour, and a lot better for you than all-purpose flour.

  4. YES YES YES. :) I loveeeee pancakes. With all of my heart.

  5. Do you know how many calories are in a recipe or serving?

  6. Just a thing... In your recipe it says baking soda, and in your directions it says baking powder. Is it baking soda? I guess it probably wouldn't matter too much either way, just curious.

  7. I believe I used baking powder!! Thanks for the catch!

    I am also not sure how many calories, but a lot of people use http://www.sparkrecipes.com/ to get a calorie counts in recipes, hope that helps :)

  8. are these healthy? do you know the nutritional values etc? its fine if not :) x

  9. Yes they are healthy and delicious. Only 2 tbsp sugar and no butter, plus skim milk and whole wheat flour. Best of both worlds :)

  10. I loooooove the vanilla in these! They were quite delicious this morning. Next time, I'm going to scale back the milk by a little bit, but otherwise, it was beautiful.

  11. I've made these a few times and they are great! I have done exactly as above and they were perfect (fluffy, vanilla-y, mmmmm...) and have also added 1/3 cup of oats that I soak in the milk and then scaled the flour back a little bit, only egg white, blueberries instead of strawberries, soy vanilla milk, etc. This is a great base that you can adapt so easily. Thank you!

  12. Delicious!
    We're a hit :) I may have put some white choc in mine too :p

  13. Thank you so much for posting this, it looks amazingly rich and delicious!

  14. Looks so delicious. My kids would love these for breakfast.

  15. Hey, I made this today! I was surprised on how sweet the strawberries turn when they are cooked.