Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kid Friendly and Healthy Peanut Butter Pie

This past week I made a few of these healthy Peanut Butter Pie's for an group that I am involved with called Kids In the Kitchen (KITK).  Kids in the Kitchen is sponsored by the Junior League of Charlotte and we provide lessons and demonstrations of healthy meals and snacks in partnership with local community organizations, chefs and nutritionists.  It has been a really fun opportunity to get involved, and has also been a great way to engage kids in the preparation of healthy meals to educate them and their parents regarding nutrition and healthy choices.

This week we worked with a local program that provides a series of workshops for parents of preschool aged children on health and wellness.  The goal was to introduce a healthy, yet affordable and tasty dessert.  The workshop went really well, and the parents loved the idea of how simple it was to make a healthy dessert!  (My cooking demonstration on the other hand... let's just say that I am definitely not the next FoodNetwork Star... I'll be leaving this job to Giada)

These healthy Peanut Butter Pies are not only extremely easy to make, it is extremely delicious for under 200 calories a slice.  I can't lie - this pie tastes like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. The chocolate graham cracker crust provides a cookie-like base for a whipped peanut butter filling.  Using natural peanut butter and light cool whip makes this healthier than the full fat versions.  This dessert recipe would be perfect for when your dinner party includes kids, or as an extra dessert for the holidays.

Serves 8

1 Chocolate Graham Cracker Pie Crust (pre-made and found at your local grocery store)
1 cup of Natural Peanut Butter (it is easiest to use the no-stir variety)
8 oz of Light Cool Whip
1 - 2 tbsp Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup for drizzling


In a medium sized bowl, combine the peanut butter and cool whip.

Carefully fill pie crust by adding a couple spoon fulls at a time.  Using a rubber spatula spread filling evenly on pie crust.

Freeze for at least 30 minutes.  Remove from freezer and top with syrup in any desired pattern.  Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Yum - looks amazing! What a great program to be involved in!

  2. Love this! And your demonstration was fantastic!

  3. Great taste. However, I have a problem with mine going from permafrost to melty without getting it served first. Any suggestions?

  4. One of the things I did before serving was I pulled the pie out of the freezer and placed it in the fridge. It wasn't frozen and not too melty!

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  6. Last week, I introduced life changing crackers. While these crackers didn't actually change my life, they were a great example of how you can change an ingredient like seeds into something more palatable to kids, like a cracker. healthy desserts