Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving On

7 days ago Chris and I were lying on a beach in Vietnam, completely relaxed after a month long journey around Southeast Asia. In a record time we went from honeymooning in paradise to jet lagged in Charlottesville with a daunting task- pack up the entire apartment, find a place to live and then move to our new city in under a week.

Well....... we did it! And with only minor aches and pains. Everything was going great - until the moving truck broke down on Route 29 south in Danville, VA.

Here is a picture of the "big ole truck that couldn't".

Here's us toasting to our new place (which ironically was boxed wine), waiting for our stuff to arrive the next day. "Cheers to almost moving in!"
As we unpack more and more boxes, we get more and more excited for our new life & adventures to come in Charlotte! Stay tuned.


  1. Wine and a Table... You guys are all set, may as well just throw the rest of the boxes in the trash. That sucks that your moving van broke down but it is not quite as bad as what happened to Carl when he was moving. The moving van was following him to the new place and rear-ended him causing a bunch of damage!

  2. When can we visit???


  3. Amber, you guys can come visit anytime you want!!!!!!!! September we have a lot of weddings, maybe October?!? There are so many things to do down here!

  4. The new place that you guys have moved into, looks pretty nice and welcoming, I can imagine that it’s great to move into a place like that after moving around.