Thursday, July 8, 2010


One of the biggest benefits of moving to North Carolina is that we now live in the furniture capital of the US. Which can come quite handy when you throw out most of furniture you own before you move (adios old Target furniture!).

Last Saturday we made the one hour drive up to High Point, NC to visit the world famous Furnitureland South. This place is ENORMOUS with 3,000,000 square feet of showrooms. Every single type of furniture & designer are available, all at a huge discount. I was never into furniture, but living on cheap Ikea, Walmart & Target stuff since college started to get old 2 years ago. I found myself started admiring furniture in homes of friends & family that was obviously of better quality. The old falling apart stuff had to go!

(Pictured above, Chris standing in front of the famous 85-foot tall Highboy)

So after spending 5 hours (including a stop at the Starbucks which is conveniently located about halfway through the building) we happily left with an order for a sweet new bedroom set!! Only a couple of weeks till delivery....

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